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Why Horizon believes in the natural search engine optimisation process ?
There are many companies out there that will make promises and guarantees of high rankings on search engines, but the truth is that unless the techniques being used are black hat (illegal or unethical), it will take some time before your business naturally establishes its presence.

The other thing you should know is that Google design the algorithms that decide positioning (call it a points system) and Google keeps changing these so any company promising immediate results need to be approached with caution !

At Horizon, our philosophy is to start the SEO process by discovering what people actually type into their internet browsers when looking for a product or service. Once we identify what search words and phrases people use to find products and services, it enables us to make intelligent recommendations to our clients on how to best optimize the content of their web pages. These changes should then start having a positive effect on your search engine page rankings.

The techniques employed by Horizon are not only highly effective, but they are in keeping with the published policies and guidelines of all the major search engines.

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